Her beauty Leaves Memories

There is this saloon in downtown, which is famous for its services. One such service is SIX Sensual Massage. Customers who visit the place have one thing in common, they keeping going back for the services. Their services are excellent with keen attention to detail. Out of all these factors, there is one outstanding thing about the place, an Asian lady who works as a therapist at the place.

Her beauty, her eyes were dark and shiny. She was the type that probably fell directly from heaven. She was slender and slightly tall, a model body you could say. She had long kohl- dark hair falling down her neck, which she liked to play with. She had a round face, a sharp elegant nose and a flawless skin. One who has met her would have said that she had dazzling eyes with pencil-thin eyelashes and beetle’s leg eyebrows. Her luminous white teeth lit the entire place whenever she opened her oxbow lips to smile. She had a soft soothing voice, which worked wonders on the massage I received. It sent an electric nerve on my body.

She is a nude therapist, I do agree with most clients that she has a round posterior and a small decanter waist. She is a polite charming beauty. Her nails are Venus-red. Her breasts were steady and round. She equally had a sharp neck and a small head balancing on it. Her feminine body is a masterpiece of creation. She must be tender and soft even from the looks.

Then comes the way she handles her clients, she is a symbol of relaxation, she presses gently and with a lot of care. She makes one to be totally comfortable before she begins her pleasurable torture on a client’s body. She is a master of her art, from the point of applying the cream to the way she rolls her hands slowly on the back.

She is in control of her clients; it is a rare opportunity which each client craves. She totally gets one hooked. A feeling of being at home, where everybody desires to be. A moment one hardly forgets, it is as if each session is custom designed and figured out for each client. I must say she is delightfully amazing.

Other than her physical attributes she is a composed woman; she is calm and collected. She equally must be sincere. Her joyous personality perfectly matches her beauty. She is a blessed creature of Gods work, intelligent in her own right, gorgeous, charming and stunning magnificent if one can sum it up.

It is such a wonderful experience that most clients get in the company of this lady. She could be the highest investment this saloon might have made so far, it is a reaction of mixed emotions when one leaves the place. There is obviously a feeling of emptiness as one leaves but equally a relaxing thought that one will come back for the more tantalizing experience. As long as she remains at this place, certainly more and more clients will continue filling the place for a share of their own story.