The Techniques of Body to Body Massage

If you want a body to body (b2b) or a body-silde massage (brb) in Hong Kong, there is no better place than S.I.X. Sensual Tantric Massage. Our massage therapists are world-renowned and have the required qualifications and skills. They are trained specially in all aspects of massage therapy and leave you feeling totally relaxed and exceedingly satisfying.

What is exactly about body to body massage?

  Can you imagine a massage in which not only the hands, but the different parts of a skilled therapist will be engaged in relaxing your mind and body? YOu will put yourself a passive receiver and our therapist a healing expert, who’s able to create magic and give you the most blissful enlightenment. You’ll be encapsulated in a whole new world of passion and love.

In the beginning you can have a consultation with the experienced therapist you choose. She’ll understand your needs and try to offer exactly what you want. She’s a patient listener and you can tell her what you want, what you want to achieve through this massage etc. She’ll never complain or show a sullen face at any special request from you. We have trained our therapists to be at their very best behavior with clients and do whatever possible to service them. We know our therapists will never give us or you a reason to fret.

Once the massage begins, she’ll start with some relaxation exercises that will compel you to leave the world outside and all the problems associated with it. She’ll make you feel so comfortable that you’ll reach a new heaven, where everything is green and mesmerizing.

Then she’ll apply a reasonable amount of aromatic oil, which will be sweet smelling and inviting. Once her skilled hands makes contact with your body, your senses will be renewed and you’ll be lost in an entirely different world filled with refreshing thoughts and marvelous visions.

Body-to-body massage touches your mind, body and soul. It’ll take you through scintillating memories and a totally different experience, which is beyond sensuality and explanation. You need to avail of it first-hand to experience it, as the whole thing is indescribable. When the professional therapist’s body rubs against yours, your skin is rejuvenated by hers, which gives a gushing feeling rushing through your entire body.

The massage itself needn’t always be a therapeutic healing, but the sensibilities the whole treatment by the therapist awaken inside you, gives you a peaceful feeling and takes you on a roller-coaster ride. You’ll feel heavenly and truly in bliss.

The body to body massage can be customized as per your taste and preferences. You just let our therapist know about all your requests and worries and it’s an assurance from us that you’ll get it from the therapist you choose. Your command is order to our therapist and she’s ever-ready with her dazzling attitude to serve you to the fullest.

What a body-to-body massage offers?

The benefits of body to body massage are endless. First of all it helps in stimulating your senses and improving the blood flow in your entire body. This happens due to the vibrations created within you due to the rubbing of the skins, that too of a caring and experienced therapist. This enables your body to rejuvenate itself and you’ll feel relaxed and fresh within a short period of time. The massage fills you with a bout of energy and a new punch to face life and its problems.

This massage enables you to free yourself from the stress of the outside world and also depression if any. It can make feel light and take a flight to seventh heaven, making you feel so happy nevertheless. But to make sure that you hire the best massage therapist in Hong Kong to do the job and where else can you get this best therapist, none other than Hongkong tantric massage.

Last but not the least, b2b massage offers sensual enlightenment and a kind of thrilling feeling which enables you to enjoy life to the fullest. It stirs up your spiritual drive, which must have died down due to innumerable reasons. It’ll bring your spiritual life back on track and help you to enjoy the pleasant things in the bedroom like never before. You’ll find a new zeal and a zest to explore new spiritually pleasing things to do, which is in favour of a long-life.

Who wants a long life that makes you feel miserable? But if it’s a merry-go-round, don’t you want a long life? I know the answer is in the affirmative. So what are you waiting for, book an appointment with one of our exotic and one-of-a-kind massage therapists and see the difference it brings about on your outlook towards life.

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