The Craft of S.I.X.

S.I.X. Sensual Tantric Massage Hong Kong represents a fresh take on Sensuality and Intimacy, delivered with the Xtraodinary talent of S.I.X. Masseuses, meticulously picked among the best bench in the field for their unrivalled oriental beauty and natural passion to serve , a uniquely original concept founded solely on the highest standards of refinement and sophistication, conceived around the S.I.X. Paradigm of receiving sensual delights, a paramount sensual enjoyment of stark difference from and vastly superior to the hurried monotony of those commercially rehearsed escort routines.

Created around the sole principle of having Asiaˇ¦s most satisfying exotic massages performed by Asiaˇ¦s most stunningly beautiful masseuseˇK in the nude, The S.I.X. Sensual Tantric Massage Hong Kong represents the apogee of all sensual massage experiences, certain to enthrall even the most selective of epicurean.

A regal moment unlike any other encountered so far, S.I.X. Sensual Tantric Massage Hong Kong takes the innovative step of emphasizing complete and multiple sensory surrenders and intimate indulgence, complemented by excellent hospitality and S.I.X. unique GFE approach, to provide the ultimate mind-shattering experience, redefining in the process the notion of Sensual Pleasure, for you to discover, marvel at, and delight in.

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The Ultimate Sensual Savoury

Having secured an enviable reputation as the Mecca of the most talked-about stress-relieving exotic oriental massage, S.I.X. Sensual Tantric Massage Hong Kong continuously strives for excellence in providing a magnificent level of sophisticated, discreet, reliable service to complement the most satisfying massage experience available for your time.

Dedicated to offering a selected range of refined services for your greatest fulfilment, S.I.X. Sensual Tantric Massage Hong Kong stands at the pinnacle of Sensual Luxury with an unwavering commitment to quality and hospitality, an obsession for perfection, a meticulous attention to details and a relentless pursuit for customer satisfaction; a few of the differences our ecstatic Clients have come to expect, experience and appreciate.

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The Massage of S.I.X.

ˇ§Divine caresses expertly awakening your body, exploring every pore, sensual delights awaiting at every corner…ˇ¨

The Art of Sensual Stimulations

Originally introduced as the definitive sensual, tantric, exotic massage experience by S.I.X. Sensual Tantric Massage Hong Kong, The S.I.X. Paradigm of multiple sensory stimulation is now the essence behind every massage in our expanded Collection, each, from The Naturist S.I.X. to Nuru S.I.X. to Wild S.I.X., deliciously conceived and designed to lure you into a new unexplored universe of blissful intensity and intimacy.

A mind-blowing gateway to amazing new sensations in the shape of a delectable Full-Nudity creation, blending delicate Western caresses, electrifying Oreintal body moves, and the subtle naturist intimacy of Tantra, every S.I.X. treatment in the Collection is exclusively created to seamlessly blend bespoke stress-relief with intense full-body bliss for your ultimate unfettered stress-melting satisfaction.

Pleasure… Redefined