Wild S.I.X.

Undoubtedly the “Bad Girl” of the S.I.X. treatment collection, flirting mischievously with unabashed deliberate confidence, the Wild S.I.X. is truly a landmark offering from S.I.X. Hong Kong Massage’s trademark repertoire. Cheekily seasoning a sensual experience with a kinky twist, riding the elusive line between sensual paradise and delicious agony, the Wild S.I.X. is cunningly crafted to further expand the boundaries of your blissful adventure.

All about unreserved libidinal indulgence mixed with her uninhibited sensory display, The Wild S.I.X. excitingly promises unconditional sensual abandon seamlessly blended with delicious feminine submissiveness of the orient purported to entice your darkest desire. As you listen to your never-ending woos upon her unashamed advances, her arms and legs lay in voluptuous abandon, glistened with pearls of honeydew sweat, flowing like a lava upon releasing, against a background of allelujiah singing, the exquisite S.I.X. masseuse will ruthlessly escalate her infinite feline charm, tempting you to the very very end of your epicurean tolerance. All her delirious pleasure is yours, adoring like a shrine, even though its so exhausting…

Wild S.I.X. is the ultimate, full-blown savoury of the Heaven.


All rates inclusive of tip and travelling costs within down town, metro areas of Hong Kong. Other areas, late night or rush appointment are subject to a travelling surcharge. Please rest assured SIX masseuse would never solicit any additional tip. There is no hidden cost whatsoever.

S.I.X. Sensual Tantric Massage Hong Kong exclusively uses plant-based, premium grade hypoallergenic massage oil and nuru gel, as well as smokeless candles and/or incense.

Kindly refer to FAQ, Terms of Enjoyment and Client Code of Conduct for your best enjoyment.