“Floating On A Cloud” Sensual Massage in Wanchai, Causeway Bay, Tsimshatsui and Central, Hong Kong

There’s a knock at the door.

I am glad because after business going well just two hours before, it’s good to celebrate. It’s like icing on the cake. I surely wasn’t let down with the masseuse they sent.
I go to answer the door, and let her in.

She told me her name was Linda. Her English is surprisingly superb. She has an amazing voice. Her hair is pinned up in a bun like do, with a few strands hanging down around her ears. It shows off her slender neck, and her beautiful face. With her is a man with large muscles who carries a massage table. He sets it up for her then leaves. Linda has me undress and covers my buttocks with a towel and gets started. Luckily, Linda turned away, so she would not have to see anything. Plus, I didn’t have to show anything hanging out. I’m a little shy when it comes to such things.

She started out kneading my shoulders, back, and neck; just digging her hands into my body. It is that kind of massaging that feels uncomfortable, but at the same time, you feel so much better afterwards.

While Linda’s giving me the massage, I feel her press against me. I smell perfume that smells very expensive, and very intoxicating.

Favim.com-36734After about a few minutes of her tough kneading, she eased up, switching to something softer. Something a lot more gentle. The way she was massaging me, I feel like I was born without bones. It’s wonderful. I wish she could keep doing this forever. I didn’t realize that I was so tense until after she got started. I feel like I’m floating on a cloud.

“Hey,” I say, after she’s finished, and I’m in my white robe, that the hotel provided for me. “I haven’t eaten all day, do you want some room service?”

“Sorry, I can’t stay,” Linda says. I nod, in understanding. I decide not to push it. I figure it’s some thing where she can’t get too involved with a client or something.

After looking at the menu, I see it’s in Cantonese. I don’t read Cantonese very well. “Huh,” I chuckle. “Maybe you’d have better luck with what I should order?”

“Yeah sure.” She took the menu from me and started looking over the menu.

“Do they have General Tso’s chicken or is that actually an American dish?”

“They have that. And fried rice?”

“Yes please.” I smile at her.

Linda called the desk and ordered for me. When the food got there, Linda told me that I should tip the guy who brought the food and how much. Once that was done, Linda told me that she had to go.

“Wanna join me?” I try again, I’m not sure why. She already said no, there’s no reason at all for me to think that this time she will be able to stay. “There is plenty of food here,” waving my hand out to show her that yes, in fact there was enough food for both of us to enjoy.

“Ok.” This is a surprise to me. I hope she doesn’t feel forced to say yes.

“Cool, pull up a chair.” I say. I wheel the cart with the food over to a table in the corner of the room.

She stays for about an hour and we chow down on some of the food. I do most of the chowing, Linda mostly takes small bites and let’s me eat. We talk about movies and books. She tells me about her over bearing mother. I tell her mostly about my lack of relationship with both of my parents. I look at my watch at one point, and I’m surprised to see she’s been here for about three and a half hours. Surprise shows on my face because Lin says “What?”

I say, “It’s after eight.” Time does fly when you’re having a lot of fun.

I see she needs to leave, and hope I don’t get her in trouble. I almost feel bad that I’ve kept her here this long.

She calls the man back into carry the table out for her. Apparently, he’s just been waiting outside this whole time. Probably also acting as security, just in case.

When I wave at her, Linda waves back to me. She smiled at me when she left.

“Thanks for everything,” I said before she shut the door behind her.