The Tender Nipples Slide On Your Face

She lays you on your back to explore your neck and nape. The soft tantric music from her stereo sends you to a far off world. A nightfall that fills your body with anticipation and longing. She starts to knead your shoulders extending over your collarbone and down your arms.

tender nippleShe is building up your desire. Her arms go over your back bringing her tits to slowly glaze over your back muscles, you cringe. She adds pressure to her arms as the tantric music moves from the pulpy to the slightly jerky and tense rendition of an erotic romance song.
She lets her arms fall over your butt, pressing it ever so tightly and then cups your balls in her arms. She tenderly feels them as though she is testing the smoothness of sand in her fingers. You grasp more tensely on the cushions. She plays with them gently ignoring you as you push your body back to put more of your manhood into her arms.

She lets them off and continues to massage your inner thighs, examining the moles on your skin. Slowly, tenderly, skillfully, she works on your body as though looking for some minute spot. She plays down your thighs to your knees then slowly works her way up your thighs again as the music settles to a constant danceable blur. The raunchy beats and mixes seeps into you.

She presses against the furrow of your ass lets her arms slip, as they get a hold of your erection. The playful moments last long as she massages your erection at the root while watching your reaction. She has mastered your pleasure spots. The aroma in the room is another worldly fusion of mystical scents and incarnate fragrances made from desert plains and Hong Kong’s massage wicks.

With her own rhythm and purpose she creates in you an endless anticipation and longing pushing you to understand your body ever more deeply. You can’t help but reach out to massage those tender nipples. She lets you do it. You pull her close till you can hear her breathe. You watch her chest rise and fall as she heaves under the relentless squeeze of your arms on those sable brown nipples.

She sinks her arms in your midriff to get a hold of your erection and cups it into her small hand. She presses it gently joining you into her sweet erotic dance. You feel the need for a release, you squeeze harder at the nipples then lest go as you stretch back on the bed. She continues to gently massage your erection. You can feel her soft knuckles in your inner thighs as you lay back your head and stare at the decorated ceiling above.

The humming engines of the Hong Kong traffic is a faint noise far off in the horizon as she guides you into a momentary restraint. You can fill blood gush into your erection. She presses her knees into your thighs making you pat them and leans directly above your body. Her presence makes you lust as she guides you into a release.