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Body-to-body Nuru Massage Hong Kong Version

Body-to-body massage may take place in nuru massage parlour, or a Japanese-style massage parlour, where therapies and treatment of sensual nature may be allowed. Law of Hong Kong states that “… sensual therapy with a licensed therapist in exchange for payment …” is allowed, and there are many technical and legal loopholes which also allow sensual massage treatment of more explicit nature that do not conform to this definition to take place, especially for treatment to take place in a private premises, such as in a hotel room or private residence.

For the exhausted you, who has been working hard all day, a trip to a nuru massage parlour provides thrilling erotic body-to-body massage and a chance to feel loved all over – and clean! What man would not feel excited by the sight of a beautiful nuru massage lady walking towards him, with the promise of soapy, sexy times glinting in her eyes.

She will have a pleasing light-hearted personality and she will be so pleased to see you. She will want you to get naked straight away, because that is when your special soaplands lady will go to work on you, first applying a fragrant soapy oil to her slim naked body and then ….

Wait,let’s describe her a little bit more … she has luxurious long dark hair which runs down her slim yet curvy body, flowing over her shoulders and delightful pointed breasts; she moves her hair back and you see a pert, pretty breast with a dark sexily aroused nipple. Her waistline curves around a smooth stomach, which flows down to her daintily trimmed pubic hair, lining her lower stomach like a lovely little curtain which you can thrust through to reveal the pink lips of her vagina. She smiles a welcome, as you gaze at her trim, slender legs and the delta, the point at which they join together.

What is she doing now? Yes she is applying an exotic Nuru gel to her body and she is looking at you indicating she would like you to come closer so that she can use her lovely naked body, onto which she has just rubbed a slippery oil, to smear and slide this exotic gel over you too – all over every inch of you while performing the body-to-body massage.

What a thrilling feeling it is as you become aware of this all woman body-to-body masseuse sliding and stroking against you in a sensual sweeping motions. She moves her body like a beautiful serpent, oozing and gliding over your back your legs and then your chest and thighs. Your feel her sumptuous chest and her budbbly cherries caressing you; her velvety triangle presses gently and moves and scrapes against your stomach, then lower to grind softly into your under. All the time she is moving, slipping, sliding, gliding and rubbing her body against yours, naked and smooth, and so erotic that you lose all awareness except the awareness of deep pleasure.

The process of body-to-body massage makes you feel surrounded by joy and relaxation and you feel drowsy and almost hypnotised by its dreamy sensuality. MMmmm; you release sighs of sexy contentment. How wonderful is body-to-body massage, a massage like no other anywhere in the world. It really is an ancient art of pleasure and relaxation.

As you lie back comfortably, on an air-filled bed, your beautiful masseuse cleans the oil from your body or you may shower together. You know that you will return to the nirvana tomorrow night again, maybe even day after tomorrow, to find your intriguing body-to-body massage girl and be bathed again in such a special way.
Foreign men and women are welcome in many nuru massage parlours, though English may not always be spoken at these clubs. Then again, is spoken language really needed when a few graceful gestures will let you know that you are about to enjoy such a pleasurable experience.

After all most male visitors know exactly what is going to happen when they enter a nuru massage parlour and they are there to have fun, let go and take some very special, private memories back home with them.

How would you benefit from The S.I.X. Tantra Massage Hong Kong?

The professionally trained and experienced therapists of S.I.X massage Hongkong are all well-versed in the sensual art of Tantra massage or Tantric Massage. Their delicate hands and sensual bodies express the true essence of tantra teaching. The delicate masseuses will awake your body with exploring rubbing and coaxing the kundalini energy of Tantra and let it flow through to your body and your 6 senses will enter a state of pure nirvana.

Tantra Massage Hong Kong S.I.X therapists are trained to know by touch and caress the special Chakra spots or energy zones of your body. They will explore them with their fingers and the brush of electric flesh on flesh will have you climbing towards a state of Tantra trance until the final release of tension will leave your body and mind sated and sleepy with exhausted relief.

They will start with a full body massage, easing away stress and strain and then slowly introducing the sensuality of Tantra, small caresses of their warm skin touching yours, tickling light brushing your skin, its silkiness a sensation all of its own. As the sensual massage intensifies you will start to peak in sensational anticipation.

She will introduce more and more healing light touches and caresses to your many energy zones, each touch intensifying your senses, each caress becoming more awakening with intensity. She will work with your reactions to her professional touch and ease teasingly away or move into a more intense touch to heighten your experience of the full horizon of Chakra connections.

The professional and friendly Tantra massage Hong Kong therapists will always ensure your Tantra massage experience is memorable and healing. Your first meeting will become a milestone highlight chapter in your sensual life book. Choose form our many gorgeous and charming specialist Tantra massage therapists and remember to book early.

Kindly refer to FAQ, Terms of Enjoyment and Client Code of Conduct for your best enjoyment.