The Prevailing Ethos & Practices of Naturist Massage in Hong Kong

Why would you want to be alone in Hong Kong when the city of the oriental therapies can provide you with the most intense, therapeutic release? a special naked massage in your hotel room with one or two naturist massage experts from S.I.X Tantric.

She will be your coach of naturist massage for the session as you watch closely as she demonstrate every crucial step and rubs fragrant oil all over your weary body and then skilfully rubbing oil into the soft, yielding curves and energy spots, that you enter into tranquility and eternity.

Soon her fondling, exploring fingers will knead and caress away all stress and overwhelm it with budding, building energy, as all of your latent senses are vividly awaken beneath the sliding, oily hands of your professional naturist massage therapist who is dedicated to awaken your kundalini with her skills and feather light brushing all over the body and silky strokes over the most problematic parts of your body.

Your caring and experienced massage coach is there to answer your most challenging questions, her one aim is to make sure your most daunting worry relieved, giving you complete and total body and mind relaxation, your six senses will be overloaded with sensation, visually, tactilely and sensually, the caress of fingers and palm on your sore muscles will bring about the supreme level of Shaktipat.

The professional, caring and skilled naturist massage Hong Kong SIX treatment team is always on hand to grant you your every therapeutic need. They are trained to know and to heal every inch of your body, where to rub, caress and touch until you are completely healed and relieved with contentment. So call tonight and make your Hong Kong stay more than business and all about your special tantric enlightenment.

S.I.X. Sensual Tantric Massage Hong Kong exclusively uses plant-based, premium grade hypoallergenic massage oil and nuru gel, as well as smokeless candles and/or incense.

Kindly refer to FAQ, Terms of Enjoyment and Client Code of Conduct for your best enjoyment.